New Zealand

Hiking Abroad


International Marking for Trails   My husband and I love to hike.  A trip is considered particularly good if it includes one walk through the countryside.  Hiking is hardly limited to the United States and easily available for those who care to try sites abroad. View of Marlborough Sound on Queen Charlotte Track Walking sticks for… Read more »

New Zealand’s Passion for Coffee


New Zealand is a former British Colony that only separated from the mother country in 1926. The English brought their church, language, left side driving, and tea sipping to this beautiful place. Tearooms dominated the hot drink culture until the arrival of American soldiers and European refugees during World War II when coffee was introduced…. Read more »

Bluebridge Ferry – the 1,000,000th booking


I have long said that the worst travel experiences make the best stories. But there are occasional good travel events that also are fun to relate. One such happening occurred recently on a ferry crossing the Cook Strait from Picton, New Zealand to its capital, Wellington. We arrived at the terminal of the Blue Bridge… Read more »