New Mexico



Georgia O’Keefe’s Abiqui Home Georgia O’Keefe is still an artist of the people despite her death 26 years ago at age 98.  Clean lines and crisp colors fill her oversized flowers.  Desert subjects evoke life and death.  Pastel canyons wave across  large canvases.  All are so simple and appealing to the public.  After a tour… Read more »

Hot Air Balloon – History and Use in Tourism


I first noticed the hot air balloon option for tourists at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  These extensive thousand year old ruins spread over 40 miles with the tallest peaking out over the surrounding jungle.  It’s hard to grasp the extend of the temples without an aerial view.  But what ascends must descend and… Read more »

Ojo Caliente Spa – Still Funky Despite Upgrade


Entry to Ojo Caliente I’m not generally a spa person although I like the acronym, “Salus per Aquas” or health through water.  They’re usually too intimidating and rich for my taste.  But trust New Mexico to blend the funky with the fabulous at Ojo Caliente, a resort/spa 50 miles northwest of Santa Fe. This is… Read more »

Riding The New Mexico Rail Runner With an Expert


My brother, Gary, has always loved trains. He’s ridden the Rocky Mountaineer across Canada, Coastal Starlight from L.A. to Seattle, SW Chief from L.A. to Chicago, Sunset Limited between L.A. and Houston and the Northeast Corridor from Washington, D. C. to Boston. He can still name the passenger lines that no long exist such as… Read more »

Quirky Albuquerque Museums


Albuquerque is a desert city influenced by science and Pueblo Indian culture. So it’s no surprise to find these unique characteristics represented by three offbeat museums. I convinced my sister-in-law and my reluctant mother that visiting them would be a fun way to spend a cold winter day. The Rattlesnake Museum is a compact display… Read more »