Homes of Ernest Hemingway and Eudora Welty Reveal Shared Qualities

WRITERS’ HOMES MAKE INTERESTING DESTINATIONS Inside Ernest Hemingway’s Home in Havana, Cuba   American writers Ernest Hemingway and Eudora Welty never met although they were contemporaries.  Hemingway was only ten years older and lived a dashing and frantic life for 62 years with homes and wives around the world. Until her death at 92 years,… Read more »

Linden House in Natchez, Mississippi – Six generations have preserved this beautiful plantation home.

Jeanette Feltus in Linden House, Natchez, Mississippi View from Veranda of Linden House “Howdy Do”, Jeanette Feltus called out with a bright morning lilt, taking time out from instructions to the gardener on the need for more moth balls to distract deer from the shrubs.  “How ya’ doin?”  she asked in her bright yellow pants… Read more »