Journey to Paris

Italian Restaurants and Albanian Owners – A Good Fit in America


Benny and Nada Mehmeti When Bari (Benny) Mehmeti and Neire (Nada) Mehmeti bought Cappizzi’s Restaurant in 2001, I thought it interesting that we had an Albanian family in Paris who owned an Italian restaurant.  I didn’t realize this was happening all across the country.  Albania has a long history with Italy since they are across… Read more »

Paul Helton, a Kroger man


This is one in a series of articles on how individuals have traveled to Paris to live. Paul Helton I first met Paul Helton in our local Kroger store.  He was a kind, soft spoken man who helped me with my groceries as we visited about his journey to Paris.  Paul  has a long history… Read more »

The Journey from Pakistan to Paris, Texas


“I do the thinking part” is how Ayesha Shafiq describes her duties at her husband’s medical clinic in Paris.  The truth is, Ayesha has always done the thinking part.  She grew up in Peshawar, in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan – an area that is best known through the experiences of Greg Mortenson in… Read more »