European Travel 50 Years ago – a Widow’s Diary

At our first Bed and Breakfast in London,June, 1969 In 2008, I discovered my mother’s three volume diary from a family journey taken almost 40 years before.  My brothers and I remember the trip well.   How could one forget a ten-week European tour?  But only now as adults with children could we understand the courage… Read more »



Memorial to the Roma and Sinti Victims Monuments and memorials can  commemorate heroes  such as Washington and Lincoln  or acknowledge sacrifice of Vietnam’s soldiers.  They are also useful to publicly display regret at a past event.  In this mea culpa category, Berlin, Germany has finally owned up. It took 60  years for Berlin to build a… Read more »

The Berlin Wall – 44 Years Later


Last Remaining Tower of the Berlin Wall  I last crossed the Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie in 1969 on a family vacation to Europe.  We flew from Hamburg to Berlin on a short 35 minutes Trans World Airlines (TWA) flight. Twenty four years after the end of WWII, West Berlin had been cleared of rubble…. Read more »