Family Offerings in Alexandria, Louisiana


New Land of the Jaguar section at Alexandria Zoo Alexandria lies right smack in the middle of Louisiana, neither full blooded Cajun nor Creole, but a nice absorption of  cultures that have passed through.  And there have been many.  First the Choctaw, Tensas, Appalachee and Pascagoula Native Americans, followed by the French, and then the… Read more »

Encountering the Gettysburg Address at Alexandria National Cemetery in Pineville, Louisiana


Alexandria National Cemetery in Pineville, Arkansas National Cemeteries are simple and quiet reminders of the human cost of war. They are east to recognize.    In older ones, white gravestones line up in formation and for the  more recent established,  the Christian Cross,  Star of David and Crescent Moon of Islam  indicate religions of the… Read more »

On Squirrels, Cracklins, and Alligators – Louisiana Leads the Way


Squirrel at Alexandria Zoo – This one’s safe.  With our national chain restaurants and fast food franchises, it’s often hard to be surprised by menu offerings.  But in Louisiana, regional food experiences are available for the asking.   Recently, I joined four  other travel writers to explore Alexandria/Pineville, Louisiana and its environs.  They were from… Read more »