Tunisia – A Country That Could Work Again


Three years ago, my husband and I visited my cousin who lives in Tunisia.  We were enchanted by this Mediterranean country with beautiful beaches and well-preserved Roman ruins.  Europeans had long discovered the country’s temperate climate and flocked there in droves.  But today as I write, Tunisia is in the midst of a revolution and… Read more »

Election Day in Egypt


I watched Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at 7 a.m., November 5th, in a hotel room in Cairo, Egypt. There were not shouts of joy in the street at the time. It was too early for the newspapers headlines to reflect the victory. But later, the excitement of his election became apparent. Under the People to… Read more »

The Desert Road from Cairo to Alexandria


The Desert Road from Cairo to Alexandria is a swift journey from Egypt’s past to its future. In parting Cairo, we crawled through a few of its poorer neighborhoods where camels trotted down narrow alleyways and donkeys pulled trash-laden carts. The dust shrouded Giza pyramids appeared suddenly, facing some of Egypt’s most luxurious hotels. And… Read more »

Sounds of Tunisia


Call to prayer Dogs barking Traffic horns commanding cars at intersections Click of shoes on cobblestone streets Coffee houses, hookahs, men’s idle talk Women murmuring with arms entwined Call to prayer Policemen’s whistles Cell phones ringing Ocean and desert winds The buzz of tour buses arriving Construction machines groaning, cranes clanking Call to prayer Mediterranean… Read more »