Mary Grace’s Little Pink Case and Other Packing Suggestions

I travel a lot. That doesn’t mean I’m the most organized voyager. I do know to make copies of the itinerary, check on the electrical current at the destination, and even confirm the expiration date of my passport. But despite reading articles on how to pack efficiently, reviewing check lists, and keeping a well-stocked toiletry kit, something is always left behind –Tylenol, lotion, … something. When that happens, I’m glad to be traveling with my friend, Mary Grace, and her Little Pink Case.

The bag is not large – 6 ¾ inches wide, 2 ¾ inches high, 4 ¾ inches deep to be exact– but it’s filled with well-reasoned travel needs. Mary Grace tucks it inside her larger purse to carry on the plane. Some articles are obvious – a sewing kit, an emery board, small toothbrush, an extra contact lens case. Dental floss, Band-Aids (2), and a large tooth comb are also available.

But it took traveling with Mary Grace to discover what other gems the case held. When my husband’s glasses fell apart on a trip to Italy, she popped out an eye glass repair kit from the pink interior. Blisters from a long day of walking through Roman ruins were quickly protected with moleskin. Available batteries (4 AA and 2 AAA) relit the small flashlight we carried.

Mary Grace anticipates common, on the road medical problems and conditions and stores aid for most. Corn cushions and a blister treatment (2) help with foot sores. Preparation H (1), Alavert for allergies (2), Valtrex for fever blisters (2), Benadryl (8), Domeboro, a soaking solution for rashes (2 packets), and Tylenol pm (2) also await a distress call.

Fashions needs aren’t ignored. A “Gal Pal” pad allows her to remove white deodorants marks, make-up, lint, and dirt from clothes. Fashion tape protects against gaping blouses and fallen hems as do safety pins. She throws in some Q-tips and a razor for emergency needs.

The kit is not static. Previously, it carried a blanket bag (the silver fold up kind) but Mary Grace has deleted that item. After we forgot to claim our car keys at an airport security basket, she added a spare car key. (By the way, DFW rental car places are open 24 hours a day, in case you ever do the same.) Earplugs, eye mask and fold up glasses are also newcomers to the unit.

Much is written about the art of traveling light. I picked up “The Packing Book” at a half price book store in Austin and found it filled with two hundred and fifty eight pages of packing lists for week-end travel, a trip to Europe, beach wardrobe, and even adventure travel needs. Readers tips include “sell your jeans”, “leave appliances at home”, and “take a vacation from make-up”. There were too many suggestions for me.

The best site on the net for lightening your load is where you learn the “Art and Science of Travelling Light”. Doug Dyment is the guru of efficient packing in a single carry-on bag. Over-packing is the number one travel mistake. Four pairs of shoes are not a problem if you’re driving. But if flying, the extra bag for shoes can seriously slow you down as well as cost extra. No iron shirts are a god-send for guys. is a good source for versatile travel ware for men and women. And don’t forget that scarves are a great, light accessory to dress-up any outfit.

Doug Dyment, Mary Grace and her husband have convinced us to keep it at one small suitcase. I do cheat, though, and bring a fold up bag “in case” I find something to bring home. I haven’t duplicated the Little Pink Case, though. So, I’ll just have to continue to travel with Mary Grace.

Contents of Mary Grace’s Little Pink Case

gal pal
emery board
large tooth comb
dental floss
spare contact lens (x2)
contact lens case
fashion tape (good for gaping blouses and fallen hems)
safety pins

4 AA batteries
2 AAA batteries
eye glass repair kit
sewing kit
polish off (fingernail polish remover)
contact lens case (2nd one)
band-aids (2)
corn cushions (good for blisters)
blister treatment (2)
moleskin (1 square)
domeboro (soaking solution for rashes)2 packets
preperation H (1)
alavert (2)
valtrex (fever blisters) (2)
benedryl 8
tylenol pm (2)

spare car keys
ear plugs
eye mask
fold-up glasses

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